We apologize for the inconvenience you are having. Here are some things that other applicants have run into and how to resolve them.

  1. Using a work computer or VPN – Some corporate networks prevent files being uploaded outside their “trusted” network. Trying from a home computer usually resolves issues uploading files.
  2. Special Characters in fields – Do not use special characters in text fields. Characters like “&” and “*” can be interpreted as malicious attempts to access the database. The form will not accept these characters. Instead of Manager & Director, use Manager and Director.
  3. Do not use lists in longer questions – write out answers in paragraph form instead of using bullet points or other lists that use enter.
  4. Resume and headshot should be separate files – The form expects these files to be uploaded separately. These shouldn’t be combined into one document. If your resume includes a headshot, include the headshot as a separate file. The larger image will be used in a class directory.
  5. File names – file names should not include special characters or periods other than the one before the file extension. For example, use MyName.pdf instead of MyName.2016.05.04.pdf

If you are still having trouble submitting your application, you can contact us. Send your attachments and answers in an email and someone will assist you correcting the issue or make sure the application is entered into the system.

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