abrasiveMedia, Inc.

Mission Statement

abrasiveMedia exists to help artists grow, connect, produce, and give back to their communities. We like to say that we’re not an arts organization, but an artists’ organization. We believe that people are the greatest works of art. By supporting people who make art, we support the arts!

We incubate big ideas from artists (of all kinds) who can benefit from a safe place to birth their stories and grow them until they are strong enough to stand on their own. We particularly love helping to create platforms for our artists to share their passions for social justice as well as art that comes from a place of profound vulnerability.

We are based in Nashville, Tennessee. Since 2004, we’ve served over 350 artists and helped them get their work in front of over 30,000 audience members. Because we work with artists from many backgrounds, we have developed systems and processes to make collaboration across genres a positive and life-giving experience.


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October 1, 2021