Alliance for Green Hills Foundation, Inc.

Mission Statement

The Alliance for Green Hills, Inc. works to UNIFY neighborhood stakeholders, CREATE beautiful, functional spaces & BUILD a better Green Hills for all. The Alliance for Green Hills Foundation, Inc., aims to implement community plans for the betterment of all who live, work & play in Green Hills. Our major areas of improvement include: multi-modal transportation & traffic, streetscape, access to open community spaces, community education & beautification. More about our mission: The cornerstone of our organization is high quality educational programming on community planning. We hold meetings on pertinent issues such as transportation & traffic, but our agenda is well-rounded and responds to the needs of the community. We welcome residents, developers, government & business representatives. By bringing everyone to the table, we elevate our understanding of current community plans & we become better prepared to seek solutions. Building on several year of educational programming, we are ready to implement changes, but we have recognized the need for a shared vision of what changes are possible before launching into projects, which is a focus for 2019-2020. Better walkability, biking, auto & transit options are all part of the picture, along with enhancements to existing community spaces, including greenspaces. A ‘healthy’ neighborhood is one that contributes to the city as a well-functioning artery, while also contributing to the wellness of those who live, work and play here. Please join us in helping to improve Green Hills by donating to the Alliance for Green Hills Foundation, Inc. via

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October 1, 2021