Bellevue Civic Association

Mission Statement

The Bellevue Civic Association was created as an IRS Non-profit Association to oversee the renovation and conversion of the Old Bellevue Library (abandoned in January, 2015 with the opening of the new Bellevue Library) into the Bellevue Civic Plaza. The Bellevue Civic Plaza exists to provide an accessible, affordable and central location for non-profit and civic organizations housed and/or serving Bellevue citizens with essential services.

The initial tenants of the Bellevue Civic Plaza include:

*Arts Bellevue
*Bellevue Community Foundation
*Bellevue Exchange Club
*Bellevue Harpeth Chamber of Commerce
*Bellevue Harpeth Historical Society
*God’s Words for Warriors
*Hope for Haiti’s Children


Posted on

April 6, 2023