Christian Leadership Concepts, Inc.

Mission Statement

Christian Leadership Concepts (CLC) challenges men to an uncommon pursuit of Christ. We facilitate small groups of committed believers who refuse to be satisfied with the status quo and desire a deeper relationship with Christ. CLC men are relentlessly transparent with one another as they journey together through life and become men of extraordinary faith. Our programs require sacrifice and the risk of vulnerability, but the investment brings about a transformation marked by greater understanding of who God is, a stronger relationship with him, and a unique powerful bond with other Christian men. Through CLC, God shapes men into bold, zealous leaders who are equipped to lead others toward Christ.Core Values: Jesus is our focus! All is for His glory. We are under His Lordship.The Bible is the authority! All we do is an overflow from revealed Truth.Relationships are the foundation of all we do!Long-term discipleship is our calling!The value of the person stands over goals and agendas.

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October 1, 2021