Mission Statement

Cul2vate was founded on Matthew 25:35: ‘I was hungry, and you fed me.’ Cul2vate seeks to feed the hungry by growing food and growing people.

First, nutritional produce is grown locally and donated to those without access to fresh vegetables who face food insecurity and live in “food deserts”. The USDA defines food deserts as neighborhoods that lack healthy food sources, usually in impoverished areas. By providing produce to those in need, hunger can be alleviated one potato or tomato at a time.

Second, those in need are offered a second chance. Individuals who can benefit from a fresh start are offered part-time work, farm training, job readiness, and life skills training – all with spiritual discipleship in the forefront. These individuals are called “Cul2vators” as they are cultivating new life in the crops they nurture and within their own lives. By working with local partners, we seek to help them find their next steps whether that be full-time job placement, part-time job placement, or even missionary work. Current partnerships with UT Knoxville Agriculture, Tennessee State University, The Tennessee Department of Agriculture, Tractor Supply, and numerous community leaders provides robust and well-rounded training.


Posted on

April 6, 2023