Equal Chance for Education

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide opportunities for higher education without regard to race, religion, or nation of birth. ECE has supported 386 ECE Scholars enrolled in 15 partner universities in Nashville, TN. Criteria for our scholarships include a high school B average, high school diploma from a Tennessee high school, a definite career goal in STEM, interest in applying to one of our 15 partner universities, tax returns, a documented financial need, and a legal status of undocumented or DACA.

We provide each scholar with two mentors; one an older student at their university and the other an established individual in their career goal to offer guidance, support, and guaranteed professional success post college. By giving our students access to a college degree and professional development, we believe that we are granting them an equal chance to achieve their American dream.


Posted on

October 1, 2021