Global Outreach Developments International (GOD Int’l)

Mission Statement

Our Mission: Equipping a globally conscious community to serve the poor and marginalized through education, advocacy, and empowerment, without discrimination, demonstrating unconditional love.

The G.O.D. Equation is as follows:
Community Service Organization + Educational Institution + Third World Development Agency = G.O.D. Int’l

As a community service organization, we provide community service programs and skill-building activities that serve children, youth, the elderly, refugee and migrant communities and low-income families in Nashville. Major components include our youth programs (CASE, Camp Skillz, Students Living a Mission – SLAM, and WorkWell), immigrant and refugee care programs (English Language Learning, Drivers Education, Health Care Education, Childbirth Education and Advocacy), sustainable development (Hopewell Farms), and widow and elderly care (serving communities of need in Nashville).

As an educational institution, we run the Academy for G.O.D. (K-12 school with an enrollment of 200 students) and the Institute for G.O.D. (a Bible and Missions college with undergraduate and graduate degrees and an enrollment of 190).

As a third world development agency, we are active in four third world regions (Latin America, East Africa, South East Asia, and India). We serve local communities and create models for future duplication. We respond to systemic issues beginning with biblical education and extending to sustainable development, public health, education and literacy, women’s empowerment, youth empowerment, entrepreneurial support and care for the imprisoned.

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October 1, 2021