Historic Germantown Nashville Inc.

Mission Statement

VISION: A vibrant historic urban neighborhood of individuals, families, and businesses living and working together while sharing values about community and quality of life.

MISSION: Create a proactive sustainable engagement of the entire community to embrace a vision of cherishing, protecting, and preserving the neighborhood’s core values. Specifically:
a. QUALITY OF LIFE: Caring about the physical, social, and emotional well-being of this neighborhood and all of its residents by supporting and sustaining a deeply-ingrained culture of community involvement.
b. INCLUSION: Cultivating a friendly culture of community that welcomes people with diverse voices and viewpoints to shape and guide this neighborhood’s future.
c. NEIGHBORHOOD INTEGRITY: Preserving and enhancing its historic and architectural character while promoting new development that complements the old.
d. COLLABORATION THROUGH COMMUNICATION: Using all available communication strategies to promote relationships and create an informed and involved citizen base.
e. ENVIRONMENT: Championing all elements of environmental stewardship across the boundaries of this neighborhood.


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April 6, 2023