Music for the Soul, Inc.

Mission Statement

Music for the Soul’s mission is to transform lives through the healing power of songs, videos, and stories that resonate with lived human experience and reflect the redemptive, compassionate love of Jesus. Research shows that trauma is stored in the right hemisphere of the brain and that melody is processed primarily in the right hemisphere of the brain. Meanwhile language is processed primarily in the left hemisphere of the brain. These facts combined make a song the most powerful way to communicate a healing, life-changing message to someone carrying traumatic memories. Also, because melody and rhythm are both memory devices, healing information delivered in song remains with the listener much better and much longer than information that is read or spoken.

Our “Big idea” is to create breakthrough and help set people free from long-held trauma through targeted resources – songs, videos, and discussion guides – that use music to ‘speak’ to right brain trauma. Professional therapists, both locally and around the country, confirm the efficacy of our materials. At Music for the Soul we minister with food for hearts hungering for peace, understanding, self-worth, acceptance, and wholeness. We’ve achieved tremendous success working on issues like abuse, addiction, grief, and chronic disease. Therapists use our work with “astounding” results. The most important thing people need to know when they are going through a difficult time is that they are not alone. Our resources help the listener to feel known and understood – by others and by God.


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April 6, 2023