Rest Stop Ministries


Mission Statement

The mission of Rest Stop Ministries is to comprehensively restore survivors and stop the criminal oppression of human trafficking. The vision is to operate with sustainable excellence our premier long-term residential restoration program in the Nashville, TN area for adult female victims of domestic sex trafficking; a safe and beautiful place where they are healing holistically in a loving and supportive trauma-informed community. We opened our doors November 2015 and we are getting excellent outcomes; we have current capacity for 8 women. We plan to grow and expand our service reach as funding permits. The primary goal of our program is to inspire these women to re-imagine their lives and to empower and equip them to live healthy, financially independent, purpose-filled lives. Our strategic vision includes a full-scale Social Enterprise, Good Hope Farms, to provide safe and accessible job training and initial employment opportunity, as well as an Advocacy/Education arm at, our newly purchased domain for education and awareness.


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April 6, 2023