Southern Environmental Law Center

Mission Statement

The Southern Environmental Law Center has a unique, focused mission: to protect the basic right to clean air and clean water; to preserve our region’s astonishing natural treasures and remarkable biodiversity; and to provide a healthy environment for all. A national leader rooted in the South, SELC serves Tennessee and five other Southeastern states (VA, NC, SC, GA, and AL). Our team of more than 80 attorneys work in all branches and all levels of government to create, strengthen, and enforce environmental safeguards. We collaborate closely with scores of partners-ranging from national organizations like American Rivers and National Parks Conservation Association to homegrown Tennessee groups like Harpeth Conservancy and Tennessee Scenic Rivers Association-to complement their skills and efforts and to strengthen the overall conservation community.

Over the past four years and in the midst of a global pandemic, SELC fought for the rule of law and slowed or stopped the most calamitous unraveling of federal environmental safeguards in modern history. With our dedicated partners, we managed to preserve a solid foundation so that now we can all move ahead on pressing challenges like climate change and environmental injustices. SELC lawyers are highlighting the most urgent priorities for the new administration, offering solutions based in science and the law, ensuring that good changes stick, and setting strong precedents in court when necessary.

Our attorneys are communicating closely with partner groups, running investigations, and litigating cases. Thanks to our generous, faithful supporters, SELC is ready for what lies ahead and confident we can continue securing results that matter for this country, the South, and for Middle Tennessee.


Posted on

October 1, 2021