Tennessee Association of Craft Artists (Tennessee Craft)

Mission Statement

Tennessee Craft creates opportunities for the state’s independent craft artists to thrive. As the only networked community of its kind across the state, Tennessee Craft, with more than 500+ members throughout the state, nurtures talent and creates artist connections through year-round professional development programs funded by donors, grants, and signature exhibition events. We serve the arts community, strengthen connections between artists of all growth levels, and represent craft traditions to the public in new and unexpected ways. That’s why we’ve been Tennessee’s largest, most visible and most respected craft organization since 1965. HIGH QUALITY.Tennessee Craft creates high-value enrichment and professional development opportunities for craft artists around the state. RELATIONSHIP-DRIVEN. Tennessee Craft creates environments for life-changing connections to spark and grow, fostering supportive, artist-to-artist relationships; creating connections between artists and their customers; building maker communities across the state; and creating intimate connection between curious buyers and handmade, one-of-a-kind pieces that speak to them. ROOTED. Tennessee Craft is dedicated to the preservation of traditional craft methods, the promotion of local and regional talent, and educating our membership as well as the public on the people, processes, and rich traditions of craft in Tennessee. EMPOWERING. Tennessee Craft empowers craft artists around the state by creating opportunities for artistic and professional growth, craft education, community exposure, customer sales, and advocacy. Our network of makers, mentors and appreciators is supportive of growth at all levels. Every Tennessean benefits from a thriving arts community. That’s why Tennessee Craft has worked for 56 years to champion the fine craft movement, producing top-notch events worth attending, featuring art worth owning, from artists worth supporting.


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October 1, 2021