YLC Class Opening Sessions at Genesco, JLN HQ and Belmont University

Genesco Inc., a long-time supporter of YLC, hosted Class 72 for its opening luncheon and orientation on March 6, 2019 in the training center of its corporate headquarters. See the photos here.

Chaz Bledsoe, left, Lindsay Youngbauer, Lindsey Ellis and Rahwa Mehari at Class 72 opening luncheon at Genesco.

Not only was Fat Tuesday on March 5th this year, it was also the opening session and orientation for YLC/Junior League Class 2019. See the photos here.

Angie Ciklin, left, Lauren Braun, Taryn Anderson and Renee Dias at YLC/Junior League Class 2019 opening session

YLC/Massey Graduate School Alumni Class 2019 had its opening reception in the Belmont University Massey Boardroom on March 14. See the photos here

Phillip Smith, left, Laura McWhorter and Matt Pramstaller at YLC/Massey Graduate School Alumni Class 2019 opening reception at Belmont University.