There are so many wonderful components of the YLC program, but what stands out the most to me is the opportunity to engage with a multitude of passionate nonprofit leaders and organizations in the Nashville area. I have been an active volunteer in the Nashville nonprofit community for 15+ years, but was introduced to numerous outstanding organizations that I didn’t know about that are doing inspiring and impactful work. 

I would recommend YLC to any young professionals who are eager to expand their nonprofit skills, multiply their impact in the Nashville nonprofit space, and develop community with like-minded individuals. I found my cohort members to be sagacious, open-minded, curious, empathetic, and lots of fun! 

I loved many aspects of the Young Leaders Council training, but what stood out to me most was the pure excitement and engagement of the leadership team and YLC board members. When you walk into any meeting or event, you can feel the energy in the room – these leaders are eager to share their knowledge and expertise simply in the hopes of you fulfilling your dreams to serve your purpose.  

The YLC training program is extremely beneficial for a number of reasons. Overall, young leaders will benefit from the program because it offers a safe space to obtain the knowledge needed to become a successful board member and a well-rounded young professional with access to numerous resources beginning on day one. 

I enjoyed the YLC training program because it gave me the opportunity to learn from current nonprofit board members. YLC taught us to not be afraid to ask all of the questions and encouraged us not to be followers.  

Experiencing this program with other likeminded individuals made me feel like I had a team to fall back on and kept me from feeling out of place. I loved hearing different perspectives from future board members. One of the best parts of the program was knowing that the YLC team are always willing to help and guide you along the way.