YLC Class FAQs

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Basic Class Info

How many YLC cohorts are there?

YLC hosts trainings through a total of 5 cohorts each year. In the Spring, we facilitate training through the following cohorts: the Nashville Class, Junior League of Nashville, and Belmont-Massey. In the Fall, we host two cohorts: the Nashville Class and Williamson County.

Where will class be hosted each week?

YLC hosts in-person trainings in different nonprofit and corporate partner locations depending on the cohort. Locations for each training are announced only to the participants just before the start of the program. Any virtual trainings provided will be hosted via Zoom or the iBreakthrough platform.

I’ve applied and I’m wondering what the next steps might be.

Once the application is submitted, each applicant will immediately receive an email confirmation from YLC’s application management system providing additional steps required for full consideration and potential placement in the upcoming training program. All applicants will need to use the link provided in the confirmation email to signup for one of three potential sessions. This is a required part of the process for each cohort. Applicants who have not taken the appropriate steps to set up an interview or who schedule an interview and do not show up for the allotted date/time may not be able to participate in the program. If you have not received an email confirmation, please check your spam folder.

Reserving Your Seat / Class Payment

How do I officially accept my seat in the class?

Once you have received the acceptance email, you must complete the Student Participation Agreement, upload your supervisor letter of agreement to the Student Participation Agreement form, and pay the class participation fee according to the deadline stipulated by YLC.

What if I do not have a supervisor to upload a letter of agreement?

If you are self-employed or do not have a boss/supervisor to complete this step, please create a letter of agreement for yourself and upload it to the same place on the Student Participation Agreement form. The purpose of the Letter of Agreement is to ensure all students and their supervisors understand the expectations and class time commitment of the program.

How do I pay the class participation fee?

There are three options to pay the class participation fee:

  1. Pay online via a special QuickBooks link provided in your acceptance email (preferred)
  2. Pay through the YLC website. Visit https://youngleaderscouncil.kindful.com and select the appropriate class category before paying
  3. Pay by check, which should be mailed to YLC at P.O. Box 150033, Nashville, TN 37212 prior to the start of training.

All class payment fees must be paid prior to the start of training unless arrangements have been made and approved by YLC’s staff.

Can I send a check directly to YLC for the class participation fee?

Please remit payments made via check to our accounting partner, Luca Solutions, at the following address: P.O. Box 150033, Nashville, TN 37212. Please be sure to put the participants name and cohort information in the memo section of the check.

Can I pay my class participation fee in installments?

If necessary, we do accept class payment in installments. Please contact Rachel Reyes at rachel@youngleaderscouncil.org to discuss this on a case-by-case basis.

When is the deadline to submit my Letter of Agreement & Class Payment/Request an Invoice?

All payments must be made within 14 days prior to the start of the program. The Letter of Agreement must be completed by the deadline stipulated in the acceptance email from YLC.

Class Meetings

Our YLC Program consists of 11 weeks of training. These 11 weeks include:

  • One Opening Session to kick off the program
  • Nine in-person sessions covering varied board service topics
  • One nonprofit tour day for your cohort to tour through a few local nonprofits (Virtual)
  • One Mock Board Meeting to give your cohort hands-on experience in a board meeting setting (In person)
How many classes can I miss and still graduate from the program?

Although we strongly advise you to make every effort to attend all classes, we understand that life happens. We do allow for one class skip per student. We suggest that you save your skip for the most necessary circumstances.

Can I make up a class instead of skipping it altogether?

In order to make up a class, we do allow students to attend class with another cohort. If you attend a missed class with another cohort to make up that class, this does NOT count as a skip. For example, if a Nashville student misses the Nonprofit Financials class on a Wednesday, that student can attend the Nonprofit Financials class with the Williamson cohort on a Tuesday.

How do I know when other cohorts will have their class meetings/topics?

We will send out a class schedule to all students that includes dates/class topics/class locations for all cohorts listed. You can then prepare for dates you may not be able to attend class with your cohort and plan to attend with another cohort. This schedule will be sent out closer to the beginning of class.

Is the Opening Session mandatory?

Yes, the Opening Session is considered Week 1 of class, and we will take attendance that day. If you miss this session, it will count as your one allotted skip.

When do I start my one-year board internship with a local nonprofit organization?

Internships typically start within 3-6 months of completing the YLC training program. YLC interns will have a pre-placement conversation with the nonprofit organization that they are interested in supporting and will start at a mutually agreed upon time with the organization selected.

COVID-19 Updates

Will we meet in-person for the fall 2023 semester?

Each of the 11 training sessions this fall will be hosted in person. 

YLC will continue to monitor and review local and federal health and safety recommendations, and will always do what’s best to ensure the safety of all program participants, instructors and staff. YLC reserves the right to make changes to the training environment for our program if at any time it becomes necessary to do so. For more information on our pandemic-related policies, please reach out directly to YLC at rachel@youngleaderscouncil.org

What precautions will be taken for in-person training sessions?

Safety and transparency is a priority for YLC. We will consistently take the appropriate steps to ensure the safety of all students, instructors and staff. For all in-person training sessions, students will be placed in a way to allow safe and ample distance in the classroom. Hand sanitizer and Clorox wipes will be provided to clean all surfaces. Participants who are not feeling well or exhibit symptoms associated with COVID-19 are strongly encouraged to not attend training sessions and may be asked to leave to ensure the safe participation for the rest of the cohort members.

How will class operate if we cannot meet in person?

If for any reason, we are unable to meet in-person for training sessions during the semester, YLC will shift to meeting virtually via Zoom, iBreakthrough or a similar platform. All appropriate links, documents, and additional information needed to successfully participate in training sessions will be communicated with the cohorts in advance.