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The Young Leaders Council is proud to participate in the programs of countless community organizations in Middle Tennessee. 

Need an Experienced Board Member? Share an open board position for your area non-profit by registering and submitting details using the form below. Publication upon approval.

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Board Vacancies
Examples: General, Accounting (CPA), Marketing

Current Nonprofit Board Vacancies

Below are approved posts submitted by local organizations within the last 90 days. Use the contact information to express your interest.

May 5, 2022 Tennessee Local Food Summit - Legal, Finance, Business Development, Event Planning. Prioritizing those representing BIPOC communities.
Contact: Caroline Hutchins | | (615)268-5103

May 1, 2022 Taylors World - Marketing, Legal, General
Contact: Jamell Matthews | | (901)451-1661

April 25, 2022 Friends of Two Rivers Mansion - General
Contact: Jane-Coleman Cottone | | (615)430-6735

April 11, 2022 Senior Ride Nashville - Legal, HR, DEI, Development, Community Outreach/Organizer
Contact: Carrie Brumfield | | (615)610-4040

April 10, 2022 Early Music City - General
Contact: Francis Perry | | (615)509-8392