Interested in Applying for YLC this fall? Now is your chance!

Contact for application process questions or issues.

Applications are open for YLC Fall Classes – Nashville 75 and Williamson Class – with the goal for our meetings to be  in-person.  Click here to apply and send this info along to co-workers or friends who might be interested as well. Demand is higher than ever for seats in YLC classes. We accept applicants on a first come, first serve basis, and accept students in rounds. For example, Round 1 admits will include students who applied for previous classes but were wait-listed.  They will have 7-10 days to secure their seat, and then we will make Round two decisions, Round three decisions, etc. So, do not delay! Plus, our application is easier than ever to complete. Applying takes 10 minutes on our website. Once you send in our application, you will receive instructions to create a video interview. Once you send your video in for review, we will respond with admission decision. It is that easy! If you have other questions about our admission process, please contact YLC program manager, Rachel Blue, with questions | | We are happy to help! Applications will be accepted until July 20 or until the class is filled, whichever comes first.