Bravo Creative Arts Center Inc.

Mission Statement

Bravo Creative Arts Center, as an arts education organization, is dedicated to providing inspiring opportunities for area children and teens to participate in the performing arts and bringing quality, family oriented entertainment to the community. Since Bravo’s opening 16 years ago, thousands of youth have been served in the areas of dance, music, and theatre. The opportunities at Bravo are open to youth regardless of talent level or experience. Although Bravo works with many talented youth and enjoys a reputation for staging professional quality productions, Bravo’s mission is not just about improving performance skills. It’s also about working with a child who lacks confidence and creating an environment that allows him/her to gain the confidence needed to walk to center stage and deliver a line. It’s about giving creative youth the opportunity to work as a team to put together a show and then giving them the opportunity to perform for an audience where their gifts, talents, and hard work can be appreciated.
Bravo strives to create a supportive and inclusive atmosphere where youth feel safe to explore and take risks, thrive and do tremendous work both on and off stage. The shows that the youth have staged for the mid state area have been well received and been given critical acclaim.

Bravo also stewards one of the largest theatrical costume collections in the country. Over 30,000 costumes are available for creative organizations to rent for a modest amount. During 2021, Bravo costumed over 1,000 students for theatrical productions.
This collection was previously owned by Performance Studios, and has been the primary costume resource for our mid state area, and beyond, for three decades. During the pandemic when this important collection was at risk, Bravo supporters rescued this important collection by raising funds to purchase and volunteering hundreds of hours to relocate and maintain the costumes our community needs for our stages.


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October 17, 2023