Christian Community Services, Inc.

Mission Statement

CCSI’s mission is to equip and empower underserved families, through caring relationships, to achieve a legacy of social, spiritual, and economic self-sufficiency. CCSI has a proven track record of helping families progress from government dependency to housing self-sufficiency and greater wellbeing. CCSI also, help moderate income families achieve financial stability and home ownership. CCSI has a unique approach to financial stability that addresses both the mindsets and behaviors that impact money management decisions. We provide the tools, encouragement, mentoring, accountability and asset funds needed to reduce debt, improve credit, increase savings and achieve long-term asset goals such as home ownership, higher education or establishing a small business. There is a community and economic impact by families moving from government dependency to self-sufficiency. The economic impact of CCSI has achieved an estimated savings of $3.2 million to taxpayers in government subsidies by families moving off of government assistance into their own homes or private rentals. Additionally, over 131 families have become homeowners and contributed to the local economy over $15 million in housing sales and estimated property taxes of over $1,194,524 in 22 years. The community benefits from increased numbers of stable families getting involved in their communities and contributing to the local economy. Additionally, the added value of improved prospects and quality of life for families and children is priceless.

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October 1, 2021