Equally Created

Mission Statement

Mission Statement: To provide accessible Early Childhood Care to ALL in the greater Nashville area


Equality- At Equally Created, we understand that all people are created equal and we will treat each other with dignity and respect regardless of our differences. We are determined to make child care accessible to each family we encounter regardless of income.

Empathy- At Equally Created, we offer children an opportunity to see and understand our unique differences; learn to appreciate them; and develop empathy at a young age.

Education- At Equally Created, we will have consistent, high-quality education for all children who walk through our doors.

Environment- At Equally Created, we will provide an environment where kids can be kids and can grow and learn together-while having loads of fun!

Empowerment- At Equally Created, we will work hard to change the staffing landscape of child care to create employment opportunities that inspire a mindset of growth, education and professionalism.


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October 17, 2023