Mid-South Liver Alliance


Mission Statement

Recognizing the need in the Mid South to support people with liver disease, the Mid South Liver Alliance was formed to provide education for patients and their families and to sponsor advocacy efforts to target funding and research by working with political leaders, The non-profit has drawn together medical liver disease specialists, community philanthropists and a growing cadre of volunteers to assist patients, their families and caregivers and community-based providers with education and to work with legislators to prioritize care for liver patients.

As a non-profit, Mid South Liver Alliance relies on donors and grants to support the mission with liver patients. All funds are used to further the educational and outreach activities within the our member states of Tennessee, Kentucky, Arkansas, Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana. Within our area of the United States, we understand that liver disease will strike approximately 1 in every 3 people and we recognize that within our states, there are lifestyle and access to healthcare issues that leave people more at-risk for liver disease and undiagnosed or untreated liver disease.

The non-profit Mid South Liver Alliance understands that liver patients are complex patients in a primary practice setting, often with multiple diagnostic treatment needs associated with liver disease. And it is understood that the rural nature of many of our participating states and the lack of funding associated with the political decisions associated with having not expanded Medicaid leaves many residents without care or with poor access to care.

It is the goal of Mid South Liver Alliance to develop a network of community based volunteers who are trained and ready to assist liver patients with education, transportation to and from healthcare appointments and to work with the state’s advocacy efforts in educating elected officials. These very special volunteers are the core of our program and we hope that you consider joining our mission


Posted on

April 6, 2023