Music for Seniors

Mission Statement

Music for Seniors enlists area musicians to provide outstanding live music programming for our area’s seniors. We connect area musicians with older adults through live and interactive music programs designed to engage, entertain and educate seniors – promoting health and wellbeing, reducing isolation and enriching the lives of all participants, musicians and seniors alike! Aging individuals deserve the best our community has to offer for providing vibrant, affordable and accessible live music programming. Active engagement in musicmaking activity is at the “top of the brain gain food chain” for enhancing neurological functioning in older adults, along with speaking two languages. And when you think about it, music is like another language!Participating in live music programming provides opportunity for self-expression and connects seniors to one another, to their care partners, friends, family and to the musicians. These connections to one another and to the larger community help reduce isolation, which is a number one health risks for aging individuals and can lead to significant physical and cognitive decline. Through live music Outreach, Concerts and our Live Performance Learning Labs (currently offering series of group lessons in ukulele, percussion and harmonica), our talented and dedicated Musician Partners connect us to aging individuals in our community. Through these meaningful connections Music for Seniors fosters relationships. Music is our vehicle.

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October 1, 2021