Nashville Book Connection

Mission Statement

Nashville Book Connection (NBC) connects kids with books they love to nurture their identities as readers–at home and in the classroom.

NBC nurtures reader identities as students uncover a sense of pride, passion, and excitement around reading, book ownership, and shared experiences. Our intentionally-curated books offer windows and mirrors for our K-5th graders to see and be seen.

Through our partnerships with local elementary schools, NBC targets individual student literacy needs by growing home libraries full of meaningful, intentionally chosen, diverse books in under-served communities.

Our approach is personalized, collaborative, student-centered and data-driven. We value student agency, access to new, meaningful books and understanding student interest and needs as cornerstones for developing readers. When our team helps students voice their reading interests and needs, we see growth and positive connections in how they see themselves as readers.

Yes, giving books to kids to take home and keep is at the center, but there’s more. It’s about connection-allowing young readers to feel heard, showing them their interests matter, growing connections with others around reading.


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October 17, 2023