Tennessee Baptist Children’s Homes

Mission Statement

Tennessee Baptist Children’s Homes (TBCH) ministers the love of Christ to children in crisis through compassionate campus residential homes, foster care homes, and support services for them. Since 1891, our Residential Care Program has provided Christ-centered homes for children who are not in state custody and whose families cannot provide the care they need. Christian couples serve as house parents in these family-style homes for up to eight, school-age resident children. Through our George Shinn Foster Care Program, TBCH partners with the Tennessee Department of Children’s Services to provide certified foster families and homes for younger children in state custody. TBCH also works with churches and other organizations to create a network of local resources in communities across the state to assist families with children needing in-home support through our Family Care Program. By connecting families to counseling services, parenting training, and other church ministries, the lives of children and the trajectory of their families can be changed for the better. TBCH is accredited by the Council on Accreditation (COA), a national organization that sets standards for quality service and examines an organization’s service and financial accountability to donors, clients and the public. Children at TBCH from trauma backgrounds are able to work through negative coping skills and experience a secure home through voluntary, charitable gifts. Your gift for Tennessee’s children in hard places through The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee and The Big Payback will help TBCH offer Tennessee’s children safe homes, healing, and a new path to their futures.


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October 17, 2023