The Giving Kitchen Initiative, Inc.

Mission Statement

Giving Kitchen’s (GK) mission is to provide emergency assistance to food service workers through financial support and a network of community resources. Our vision is a food service community where crisis is met with compassion and care. Our promise to food service workers is stability.

Giving Kitchen is a crisis mitigation resource for food service workers nationwide who work in restaurants, catering, concessions, and food trucks. They can apply for assistance in English or Spanish by submitting a pay stub, a financial overview, documentation of their crisis and the expected time missed from work. We focus on homelessness prevention, mental and physical health support, and disaster aid. Since inception we have provided more than $7.7 million in financial assistance and assisted more than 11,000 food service workers in crisis.

Giving Kitchen has three core programs: 1) a call center for food service workers in crisis that delivers direct client services through a financial assistance program and a referral services program offering referrals to partner organization and pro-bono care from our network of individual providers, 2) a partnership program that leverages relationships with health care facilities to host mental and physical health fairs for food service workers, 3) nationally relevant resources for food service workers across the county, like our free QPR Suicide Prevention training program.


Posted on

October 17, 2023