UpRise Nashville

Mission Statement

With the lowest minimum wage in the nation and one of the highest cost of living increases, even Nashvillians working full-time cannot provide meaningfully for their families. The addition of a global pandemic, national recession and civil unrest has only increased the opportunity divide. UpRise exists to help people impacted by poverty receive education and training to obtain quality work with upward mobility while rebuilding hope, self-esteem and opportunity for themselves and their families. Participants are called “Leaders” because they lead their own change. Our mission is to alleviate relational, economic and spiritual poverty through education and the power of redemptive relationships.

Through a seven-month program, UpRise Nashville helps unemployed and underemployed individuals obtain not just a job, but a career path with upward mobility that leads to financial self-sufficiency. We call our participants “Leaders” because they lead their own change. Our Training Camp equips Leaders with workplace skills like time management, conflict resolution, computer literacy and interviewing skills. Students then attend higher education institutions throughout the city to obtain certificates in 10 areas that are highly sought-after (and post-pandemic, will continue to be needed) by local employers. After participants graduate with a certification, UpRise uses its social capital and employer network to place Leaders in quality job opportunities with career advancement.


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October 1, 2021