Vanderbilt Hillel

Mission Statement

The mission of Vanderbilt Hillel is to provide quality programming, leadership opportunities, and professional support to the University community in order to foster Jewish education and awareness, strengthen community and identity as uniquely Jewish and universally human, and promote the values of pluralism, Tikkun Olam, Israel, and Jewish peoplehood so that students can develop significant relationships and meaningful Jewish experiences.

We seek to maximize both “breadth” (the number of students involved in Hillel activities) and “depth” (the length and quality of the experience those students have). This is accomplished through our micro-community model, which focuses on creating ongoing, discrete campus communities based on specific interests and communalities between the group members. These groups of students function both independently as well as within the broader Vanderbilt Hillel framework to create experiences that inspire both the students in that specific community as well as the campus as a whole.

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October 1, 2021