Williamson Animal Services, Inc./Friends of Williamson County Animal Center

Mission Statement

Friends of WCAC’s mission is to promote and support quality of life for all animals and the humans who care about them by ensuring a compassionate environment and humane treatment for the animals of Williamson County. Friends of WCAC’s mission focuses on three general areas: 1) To provide support to Williamson County Animal Center; 2) To increase community awareness regarding animal welfare; and 3) To support/initiate legislation and policies that provide compassionate treatment of animals.

Walden’s Puddle

Mission Statement

Walden’s Puddle (WP) is committed to wildlife rehabilitation, education and conservation. WP provides care and treatment to sick, injured, orphaned and displaced wildlife that are brought to us by people from all over Tennessee, with the goal being to return the rehabilitated animals to the wild. We typically care for over 3,000 animals from over 120 different species. We also provide volunteer opportunities for various groups as well as unique educational opportunities for internships.

Therapy ARC

Mission Statement

To provide the best possible animal assisted activity and therapy services with teams of trained and registered individuals and their companion animals to clients in Middle Tennessee. We are dedicated to the ideal of promoting the benefits of the human-animal bond and improving the physical, emotional, and psychological lives of those we serve.

Proverbs 1210 Animal Rescue

Mission Statement

Proverbs 12:10 Animal Rescue is committed to ‘Helping His Helpless’ through quality care and healing, adoptions, and population control awareness. What sets us apart from others is we never have a financial cap on what we will spend to get those we rescue back to good health. We seek out specialists when needed and provide the same medical care we would for our own personal pets.

Lifeguards at work!
Last two years have been unusually difficult for everyone, but it has been especially hard for frontline workers and animal welfare advocates. In 2021 we were able to almost double our numbers of animals saved thanks to your donations! Proverbs became the lifeguard for many neglected, malnourished animals in need of severe medical care. We threw out the lifeline for countless voiceless animals.

As a primarily volunteer run, foster-based rescue, our foster homes, families, and volunteers are essential to what we do. Without our foster homes we would not be able to save as many animals each year. Proverbs depends on families opening their homes and their hearts to abused, neglected, hurting souls. This is where the saved learn to trust and love again. A lesson we keep learning is that we need our pets just as much as they need us, if not more.