The New Beginnings Center

Mission Statement

The New Beginnings Center’s mission is to help women and teenage girls discover the strength in themselves, inside and out, and to become the healthiest they can be through individualized, world-class fitness, nutrition, and behavior change coaching offered at little to no cost to program participants.

The Store

Mission Statement

The Store community empowers and dignifies low-income families and the elderly who are seeking self-sufficiency by providing choices for food.

The Well Coffeehouse

Mission Statement

The Well Coffeehouse is turning coffee into water.

The Well is participating for the first time ever in The Big Payback!

YOU can help our friends and farming partners in Honduras with more access to clean water in the wake of some damaging hurricanes.

As a non-profit coffeehouse, we’re focusing on raising $10,000 to purchase this year’s crop of Finca la Camotera from our direct-trade partner Edi Sarmiento in Honduras.

With this investment, YOU can help provide TRIPLE THE IMPACT allowing access to 850 PEOPLE WITH SAFE, CLEAN WATER!

We are driven by our purpose to love coffee and love people even more. Our journey began in Nashville in 2012 to build community locally at our coffeehouses and to make an impact globally with our profits by building water wells, prioritizing safe water needs in the countries from which we source the world’s best coffee. Since then, thousands like you have been a part of our community in our stores and thousands now have access to safe water across the globe. So, let us serve you a cup of your favorite coffee, as together we help to serve the world.

The Heimerdinger Foundation

Mission Statement

We are dedicated to raising awareness in our community about healthy lifestyles and nourishing meal preparation. We strive to be a resource for those undergoing cancer treatments by providing guidance, support, and delicious organic meals.