Westminster Home Connection

Mission Statement

Westminster Home Connection, a nonprofit construction agency, serves older adults and persons with disabilities whose homes have become unsafe places to live, due to issues of function or mobility. Our low-cost improvements give homeowners a way to remain in the home they love and in the communities where they’ve built their lives.

Our work preserves affordable housing. Over 50% of existing housing units in middle Tennessee are single unit homes lived in by the homeowner. Preserving these homes is key to affordable housing. Westminster repairs several hundred houses a year, making them safer, more functional, and more likely to be preserved.

Our clients on average are 71 years old with a median monthly household income of less than $2,000. Two-thirds are female and 55% are persons of color.

Solve a crisis with us: As home prices and construction costs continue to soar, Middle Tennessee will never be able to build its way out of the affordable housing crisis. The Westminster Home Connection model preserves the affordability of existing homes at a nominal cost by ensuring they’re livable for the current homeowners.

Give relief with us: We give clients a path to age in place safely and with dignity.
Serving Middle Tennesseans in seven counties, our construction teams resolve safety, mobility, and functionality issues, including step-in bathtubs, wheelchair ramps, electrical issues, and leaky pipes, that might otherwise cause homeowners to be forced to leave their homes.

Make an impact with us: We provide a replicable service model to interested partners.
Every community has members in need of critical home repairs and mobility modifications. Let us help you help them. Our model allows for service offerings to be expanded over time as the capacity and skill of your team increases, eventually including a comprehensive home assessment process to prioritize repair needs.

Urban Housing Solutions

Mission Statement

Urban Housing Solutions (UHS) develops and manages affordable, well-maintained apartments for low income Nashvillians. Understanding that home means more than just a roof over their head, UHS provides a host of services to help our residents live independently, access essential resources like healthcare and transportation, and build strong, resilient communities with their neighbors.

Access to safe, stable, and supportive housing is needed now more than ever in our city. UHS continues to develop high-quality, supportive, and affordable housing for the individuals and families who need it most. With nearly 1,600 homes created and preserved over the last 30 years and hundreds more on the horizon, your support can help us provide more Nashvillians a place to call home.

Springboard Landings, Inc.

Mission Statement

Springboard Landings will provide adults who need a limited amount of support an option for independent living in a residential community-centered environment.

Our vision is to create unique apartments for adults with mild developmental disabilities that provide a mix of independent and communal living. The apartments will open into a common area to encourage social interaction and community, thus preventing isolation. A small number of units will be filled by support volunteers who will offer guidance and help build a community environment. This arrangement will empower our residents to live independently, enhance the quality of life for our residents, and allow the development of a permanent extended family.