Harry Allen (Class 62) is the featured “Boss” in this week’s Nashville Business Journal. Harry, co-founder and chief relationship manager at Studio Bank, is a Nashville native and one of the business community’s most recognizable young leaders, especially for his philanthropic efforts. In addition to being president of the Rotary Club of Nashville, he’s an advocate and graduate of Metro Nashville Public Schools. He says, “Everything that the community feels is great about Harry Allen is the result of public education…I’ve just had phenomenal experiences, and I know that public education is the most important promise we make for our future.” The Belmont University graduate with both a BBA and MBA, speaks German, which he first learned in seventh grade at Meigs and was able to use it when he studied abroad in Germany for two semesters. If you have a digital subscription to NBJ, you can read the entire article, including what is the most exciting part of his day. (Hint: it definitely involves his family).