Thanks to Nashville Lifestyles Magazine for publising some of our favorite photos from the farewell reception of Diane Hayes online. Click on the link here to see Party Pics of Laini Brown (Class 57), Kenisha L. Rhone (Class 68), Jill Robinson (Class 26), Patrick J. Conger (Class 38), Barry Greer (Class 54), Michael Malesick, Paige Anderson (Class 66), Brogan Bunnell (Class 71), Amy Goode (Class 72), Holly Urbanowicz (Class 27), Jamie Weathers, Michelle Lacewell (YLC/Junior League Class 2012), Lyndsay Berry Wilkinson (Class 63), Concetta Smith (YLC/Junior League Class 2016), Ann Taylor Holley (Class 64), Fiona Haulter (Class 50) and Heidi Tieslau (Class 61), Morgan Stewart (YLC/Junior League Class 2019), Brooke Walker (YLC/Junior League Class 2019), Jessie Slate (YLC/Junior League Class 2019), Joshua Livingston (Class 60), Jade T. Sampson, MBA, M.Ed. (YLC/Junior League Class 2012), Kerri Burton (YLC/Junior League Class 2007), Danielle Dupriest (YLC/Junior League Class 2017), Marquinta Harvey (Class 72), Brandon Harvey, Kristin D. Appelman (Class 71), Courtney Hensley (YLC/Massey Graduate School Alumni Class 2017), William Scales (Class 71), Samantha Sanchez (Class 71), and Bryan Steverson (Class 71).