Amateur Athletic Union Of The United States Inc / Starlings Nashville

Mission Statement

The Starlings is registered as a non-profit organization and has over 90 different clubs in the USA. These clubs exists financially upon grants and charitable donations, however in some cities, dues are charged to the participants to cover the costs of operation but no female is turned away. Starling clubs are represented in many major cities which offer corporations a wider geographic for marketing their products to consumers where Starling club exist. The Starlings program provides a wonderful opportunity for a company and/or person looking to associate itself with a worthy and humanitarian project to contribute funds and support to the club. The Starlings’ organization caters mostly to financially disadvantage young females.Your donation would be used to help improve and/or establish academic enrichment, afterschool and summer programs, and volleyball programs in the area. The Metro parks and Recreation Center will house the current program. Lock In the SITE program will help delivering educational information aimed at reducing health risk and behaviors that threaten the social and educational advancement of children and teens, ages 6-18 years is a major goal of Starlings Nashville. Studies strongly support the mission of our educational enhancement program and prevention programs; travel, assessments, competition, counseling, character building, tutoring, grade tracking, and guidance for college entrance, are all major compenent of our program. These components gives broader exposure to reaching individual goals and embracing life’s many challenges.


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October 17, 2023