Edgehill Neighborhood Partnership

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Mission Statement

The mission of ENP is to work for justice and equality with our neighbors in the Edgehill community of Nashville, Tennessee, through building relationships, community action, service, and empowerment. ENP is ‘Neighbors doing what Neighbors do,’ helping each other to strengthen our community. We seek innovative approaches to education, community coops and affordable housing, in order to build a more vital community in which to live, work and play. To that end, ENP manages 3 programs: (1) The Spot, an after-school program for 7th – 12th grade girls, supporting them to become their best selves; (2) the FreeStore, a community cooperative, where neighbors share a meal and “shop” for household, personal and cleaning items not eligible for Food Stamps; (3) ENP engages in community action by supporting resident tenants to self-advocate for affordable housing, and as a lead member of the Edgehill Coalition addressing development, gentrification, transportation and safety issues. (4) ENP is also the Edgehill sub-zone captain of MDHA’s Nashville Promise Zone project. ENP’s success is built on the credibility of its founder, Edgehill United Methodist Church, a force for diversity and inclusion in the Edgehill neighborhood for half a century. It continues to be ENP’s major partner, providing operating space, financial support, and many volunteers. Three principles guide ENP: (1) As a neighbor, ENP seeks to address the concerns identified by community stakeholders: residents in public housing, in single-family homes and the business community. (2) ENP partners with others already engaged in effective programs. In addition to EUMC, current partners include West End United Methodist Church, Belmont United Methodist Church, Open Table, the Nashville Food Project, Oasis Center, NOAH, Belmont University and Vanderbilt University. (3) ENP is volunteer driven: this is how we build relationships, understand needs and work to improve our community.


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October 1, 2021