F.I.N.D. Design

Mission Statement

To empower girls of color to fly and be the voice that shifts both internal and external narratives surrounding their identity and value, through cultural expressions, positive connections, curative training, and advocacy.

Girls of color will understand their value, develop positive relationships, and become confident leaders who will inspire systematic changes that enhance their lives and the lives of girls that come behind them.

Believe – We believe we can create our own destiny of growth and prosperity by remaining focused, driven and motivated.
Achieve – We will achieve a renewed perspective and a mindset of victory while dismissing the mentality of defeat.
Receive – We will receive guidance, education, training and life skills that we will incorporate into our daily lives.
Succeed – We will succeed by being the best that we can be and accomplish each goal that we set forth. We understand that our struggles do not define our future, but help shape our character.


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October 1, 2021