Franklin Tomorrow, Inc.

Mission Statement

Franklin Tomorrow engages the community, fosters collaboration and advocates for a shared vision for the future of Franklin. That shared vision includes a vibrant economy, great people, distinct character, and robust neighborhoods. Since being founded in 2000, Franklin Tomorrow has held numerous community forums and visioning processes, as well as community events.
Since its founding, Franklin Tomorrow has worked to create an environment that promotes community involvement with events, educational programs, and community forums. Starting in 2018, Franklin Tomorrow’s On The Table initiative brought people together over a meal to discuss how they as engaged citizens can preserve or enhance the community.
Strong collaborations have been formed between the City of Franklin, the local Chamber of Commerce, Franklin Special School District, other nonprofits, but most importantly with and among the people who live, work and play in Franklin. A culture has been created in Franklin to engage the community on a broad array of important topics in a way that keeps the community connected through:
– On the Table
– Breakfast with the Mayors
– Frank Talks
– Envision Franklin/Planapalooza™
– Unite Williamson
– State of the City
– Citizen Survey
As demand among residents grew for increased parkland and amenities, in 2011, Franklin Tomorrow created a nonprofit LLC called Friends of Franklin Parks (FOFP), dedicated to the preservation, protection, expansion, and stewardship of the City’s existing and future parkland. Since its founding, FOFP has been responsible for more than $2 million in park expansion and enhancement projects, including construction of a multi-purpose arena and increased funding by the City for restoration of historic structures on City parkland.


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October 17, 2023