Freedom Reigns Ranch

Mission Statement

Igniting hope, with the help of a horse. Providing equine-assisted mentor sessions to children and young adults who have been through trauma and other life-challenges.

We accomplish this through our Individual Session Programs, Junior Ranchers Group Mentorship, and Family Sessions… all completely FREE-OF-CHARGE.

The Ranch also serves as a foster home for horses recovering from abuse and neglect in Middle Tennessee. Participants are offered the opportunity to assist in the rehabilitation process of caring for abused and neglected equines.

The INDIVIDUAL SESSION PROGRAM is open to applicants ages 5-35 and pairs a participant with a leader and a horse in an intentional, one-on-one mentor relationship. Individual sessions are an hour and a half in length and are scheduled per season on a monthly or bi-monthly basis. Healthy self-image, loving relationships, trust, and boundaries are built through activities that can include riding, ground and liberty work with horses, hiking on the land, playing games, doing crafts, and farm chores. Mentors work hard to adapt programming to meet the individual needs of each child.

Junior Ranchers, a GROUP MENTORSHIP PROGRAM for ages 9-24 broken up by age and circumstance, builds upon the healing attained in the Individual Session Program and adds to the child’s peer community. In addition to learning basic horsemanship and riding skills which are inherently empowering, Ranchers engage in group activities and practical application Bible study. The program’s goal is to grow self-confident and servant-hearted young leaders who are empowered to step outside of their own self-limitations.

FAMILY SESSIONS are an opportunity for families dealing with inter-relational challenges to step outside of their routine. The session can focus on topics including teamwork, respect, communicating emotions, problem-solving, and boundaries…or the time can simply be used as a “bright spot” in the midst of family turmoil.


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October 17, 2023