Hard Bargain Mt. Hope Redevelopment Inc.

Mission Statement


OUR MISSION is to preserve the historic Hard Bargain neighborhood by renovating existing homes, building high quality affordable housing, and enriching the lives of our neighbors.

OUR VISION is to transform the neighborhood into a diverse and vibrant community to be proud of for generations to come.

OUR GOAL is to restore the neighborhood through renovating older homes and building new affordable homes.

The emphasis is on restoring the current community and not allowing gentrification of this historic neighborhood. HBA repairs existing homes and offers quality, affordable homes for purchase to people who have not been able to attain the dream of home ownership. We also utilize our community center, Ty’s House, for educational opportunities, job training, technological advancement, social interaction and community building. This is all made possible with the help of donated services and materials, volunteer labor, and financial contributions. We do this by having regular community meetings, design workshops, and having residents of the neighborhood on our board of directors and advisory board. Volunteers help by doing rehab projects on homes (repairs, painting, roofing, etc) landscaping, gardening, clean up, fundraising events and other volunteer projects.


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October 17, 2023