Nashville Humane Association

Mission Statement

Nashville Humane is committed to promoting humane education, controlling pet overpopulation and finding responsible homes for the homeless and adoptable pet community in Nashville and throughout Tennessee. Year-over-year NHA is voted “Best Shelter” and “Favorite Not-For-Profit”, and is proud to have a save rate of 99%.

Nashville Humane by the numbers in 2019:
3,524 homes for homeless and adoptable pets
For the second year in a row, and the second year ever, NHA celebrated a save-rate of 99 percent
NHA assisted 47 unique urban and rural shelter partners
1,310 total animals benefited from NHA’s transport program.
10,631 volunteer hours were logged at NHA
Nearly one-third of all the animals that we serviced participated in our foster program for a total of 1351

In 2020, Nashville Humane faces a new challenge… On the heels of the devastating tornadoes that struck middle Tennessee, the COVID19 crisis has forced NHA to close its public operations. WIth that closure comes the cancelling of major fundraising events, and the loss of a considerable amount of operational income. This year we’re raising funds during the Big Payback to simply keep the shelter “doggie” doors open and everything up and running.

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October 1, 2021