Alumni Spotlight – Winter Newsletter 2019

Alumni Spotlight – Winter Newsletter 2019

Alumni Spotlight: Dana Blickwedel (Class 17)

Dana Blickwedel, YLC graduate of Class 17, is our honored guest in the Alumni Spotlight of the Winter Newsletter. He is a seasoned professional in all things business strategy and currently serves as Vice President at Tennessee Craft, an organization that supports the growth of artists in Tennessee.

Dana opened his home for the YLC Christmas Party December 11, and we are delighted to feature Dana in our Winter Newsletter as well. Get to know a little more about Dana and his experiences since graduating the YLC program.

How has YLC positively impacted you since you graduated the program? 

It has broadened my exposure to the many opportunities there are to make a positive impact to our community.  By becoming involved with community organizations I was able to improve my leadership skills and appreciate different perspectives that I might not otherwise have encountered.

Have you served on boards since you graduated and which ones? 

Tennessee Craft Board, Past Treasurer, Current Vice Chair; Belmont Mansion Board;  Belmont Foundation Board, Treasurer; St. Ann’s Episcopal Church Vestry; St. Peter’s Episcopal Church Vestry

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received and from whom? 

Take ownership of your mistakes and learn from them.

What book have you most recently read and loved? 

Read AND loved?  That is a tough one.  Though not particularly recent, I would say “Boys in the Boat.”

What are three things you can’t live without? 

Easy……Faith, Hope, & Love.