Gary Gaston (Class 42), CEO of Nashville Civic Design Center, is profiled in this week’s Nashville Business Journal. For the past five years, Gary has frequently played an influential role in shaping the city’s conversations around growth and development, while cultivating a board of directors and a donor list that includes a who’s who of Nashville’s real estate power players. When he’s not leading his team of urban designers, you can find him on the dance floor or singing along to John Waters’ “Hairspray.” Our favorite story is when Gary talks about a note from his father that he keeps next to his desk that says “There is a way to get this done”when he was in the difficult process of buying a house. He still looks at that note several times a year for inspiration. If you are a NBJ digital subscriber, you can find out what he would like to be his next profession after he retires at the link here (hint: he’s currently honing those skills at a monthly dance party he hosts).